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Alkanet Root Powder

Alkanet Root Powder

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Alkanet Root Powder is derived from Alkanna tinctoria, also known as the dyer's alkanet or simply alkanet.

In alkaline environments, alkanet dye is blue; in the presence of acids it gradually changes to crimson. The colour is red at pH 6.1, purple at 8.8 and blue at pH 10. Alkanet will colour Cold Process or Hot Process soap from a red/purple to a blue/purple depending on the pH of the soap and the strength of the infusion. Typical infusion rates are around 10g of Alkanet to 100g oil. Leave to macerate for up to days then settle and filter the infusion and use to colour the soap or base.

The colouring agent in A. tinctoria root has been chemically isolated and named Alkaninn.

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