Xmas Soaps - great gift ideas!

Xmas Soaps - great gift ideas!

Xmas Soaps - great gift ideas

Xmas Soaps - great gift ideas that you can easily make.  These gift soaps can be personalised to friends and family's favourite fragrance, colour or design.  Make different shapes, decorate with flower petals, sparkles and even toys!

Start with some of our Melt and Pour Soap, which is a mixture of cleansing agents, vegetable glycerine, salts and emollients.

To make your own soap, cut off a chunk and melt in a microwave.  Once melted, add in some colour, fragrance, or sparkles and pour into your mould.  Before the soap sets, you can add on flower petals, buds or whatever takes your fancy.

Try this simple recipe;

Cut off approx. 1 cup/250g of Melt and Pour Soap, melt.

Mix in 5-10 drops of your favourite essential oil

Mix in a few drops of colour - use food dyes, soap dyes or sparkles - experiment, play and blend colours!

Pour into mould, and decorate before it sets if desired.  Allow to cool completely.

Demould, wrap, and your done

Great hand made fun for all!!

Contact us for more recipes or check out www.thesourcery.co.nz/shop/ for more ingredients, tips and tricks.
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