Bath Bomb Recipe - easy and fast!

Bath Bomb Recipe - easy and fast!

Bath Bomb Recipe - easy and fast! Make quickly at home

Bath Bomb Recipe - easy and fast!  To enjoy a cozy relaxing bath, you just need to follow few really easy steps.


To make it even more fun, instead of just making round bombs, use soft silicone moulds in lots of different shapes for example stars, Christmas trees, faces, bugs or even cubes.  Even if the bomb is not a sphere, when the fizzing starts, the bombs will still spin round in the bath.

Bath Bomb Recipe


  • Few drops of Food Colors

  • Bath Bomb Moulds

NOTE: Ratio of baking soda to citric acid should be 2:1.


  • Mix 1 cup Baking soda, ½ cup citric acid and 1 cup Epsom salts/corn flour powder thoroughly. To remove any clumps you can also pass the mixture through a sieve.

  • Mix few drops of essential oils (as per your choice of fragrance and strength of fragrance) and 1 cup melted cocoa butter with the mixture of powder.  The texture of the mixture should be like wet sand – if the mixture is too dry it will not stick together, and it will be hard to remove the bath bombs from the mould.  Add Vegetable Glycerine if the mixture is too dry.

  • Fill this mixture in moulds and pack them tightly with it.  Wipe any excess from the side of the mould.  Remove from mould after an hour.

  • Gently tap the moulds to release the bath bomb.

  • Keep these bath bombs dry and away from moisture. You can wrap them in tissue and allow them to dry for 24 hours before storing.

Preserve the Bath bombs in a plastic wrap or cellophane. You can use your bath bombs in a few weeks after they are made. Bath bombs lose their fizzing effect if kept unused for long periods.
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