Autumn Skincare Hacks

Autumn Skincare Hacks - Managing the Change of Seasons

Autumn – change of seasons and time to change your skincare routine

Autumn is here and although it brings beauty and colour, that also means cooler temperatures, a drop in humidity, and more heating and the effects of air condition are more pronounced.  The change in weather requires a few switch-ups to your skincare regime to maintain the hydration of the skin and keep dryness, itchiness and irritation at bay.

Autumn is also a great time to repair any damage to your skin caused by too much sun exposure and the heat of summer. It is best to sort out your skin now, as this will set you up for the winter ahead.

Our Autumn skincare recommendations;


Use a physical exfoliant like pumice, walnut shell or hemp husks, alone or in combination with and AHAs like Lactic Acid or BHAs like Salicylic Acid.  Include Aloe Vera to promote soothing, anti-redness and hydration.

Get rid of dry, parched, flaky skin and give yourself a lovely healthy glow with a gentle exfoliation. Use a light circular action from the centre of your face outward – don’t apply hard pressure or scrubbing can cause irritation and skin damage.  For normal skin, 1-2 times a week is fine abut for sensitive skin once a week or once a fortnight is better.


Use a richer blend of oils, butters and waxes to provide more hydration to the skin – higher levels of refatting agents will help.


Use a hydrating cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin – rather than a detergent based gel or liquid cleanser, use a cream cleanser or a hydrating base like the Syndopour 200 MB, adding in Aloe Vera for soothing, hydrating and skin nourishing properties.


Keep using sunscreen to minimise UV damage - you might not be spending as much time outdoor and seeing as much sunshine in Autumn, but UV radiation is present all year round. Keep your skin protected daily with a high quality SPF sunscreen of at least SPF30.  And of course, keep some Aloe Vera Gel for aftersun treatment, as needed!


Try and avoid rapid changes in temperature and humidity, all of which stresses the skin.  Constant changes in temperature like hot showers, cold outdoor air, and warm, stuffy offices can cause skin irritation, leading to flaking, dryness, skin flare-ups like eczema, and breakouts. Watch the temperature of your showers, wrap up warm when you go outside, and wear warmer clothing indoors so you don't have to crank the aircon up too high, which will dry out the skin.


While it temping to change to more comforting foods (big roasts, fried foods, sugary snacks etc) this can also mess with your skin, with fattier foods clogging the skin and causing breakouts. Water consumption often drops in Autumn and this can affect the hydration levels in our skin.  Rather than going on a carbohydrate-binge, keep up the dosage of fresh fruit and veggies, stick to healthy fats and oils, and keep drinking plenty of water throughout autumn to maintain your hydration from the inside.

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